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Health Guarantee

The care and conditions of our dogs are paramount to us. We take pride in raising healthy, happy, quality bred puppies. This is why we offer a lifetime health guarantee. Our puppies are introduced to a doggy door to start potty training when they begin walking.

100% Health Guarantee

When you purchase a puppy from us, you will also receive a 5-year genetic health warranty, 30-day medical insurance, a clear health certificate reflecting the health of the puppy, and all vaccines and dewormer given and in all other ways cared for by veterinarian and your puppy will be micro-chipped.

Our English Bulldogs are the perfect addition to your family and guaranteed to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Our English Bulldog is guaranteed to add happiness and excitement to your home. We begin to wean our puppies off of mother’s milk gradually between 5 and 6 weeks of age. Once the puppies turn 8 weeks, they are on a solid food diet of Puppies Diet Royal Canin and are ready to be sold. A Royal Canin Medium puppy kit and instruction on feeding. We do ask not to change the puppy food.
imply put, we help you find the ideal puppy for your family. We use a number of vetting processes that screen breeders and require health checks for every puppy before they come home to you.

We require that puppies undergo a health screening (which is conducted by the breeder’s veterinarian) before they come home to you. The breeder’s veterinarian is required to fill out a comprehensive health evaluation report that has been created by a licensed veterinarian. We require this report to be completed as close to the date of your puppy coming home to you, so as to ensure your puppy’s health evaluation is a recent one.

Shipping Process

Shipping is available to new owners that are located in the United States and out of the US. Shipping methods that are arranged by Next Gen Bulldogs is through United Pet Safe, Delta or American Airlines.

The charges are depending on location and choice of airline to the airport you are needing, and is not included in the puppy price. This amount includes the ticket, travel in an air approved crate with water/food dishes, and a health certificate from the vet that ensures that the puppy is safe to travel. The puppy will have a blanket included in the crate and food. Shipping charges and puppy costs must be fully paid before the airline ticket is purchased and the puppy is scheduled to ship. We do not charge an additional cost for us to travel to the airport. We understand that shipping is expensive and we usually absorb the costs of travel so that you can have your puppy for the best price possible.

We love the breed and pride ourselves with continually breeding sound and secure companions.

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