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The care and conditions of our dogs are paramount to us. We take pride in raising healthy, happy, quality bred puppies. This is why we offer a lifetime health guarantee. Our puppies are introduced to a doggy door to start potty training when they begin walking. 


Next Gen English Bulldog Home

Our puppies are raised by and with our family. We strive to produce healthy puppies and are on a never-ending quest to improve our bloodlines and breed. We know you probably don’t have any intentions of showing or breeding English Bulldogs however, we want to provide that top-notch quality English Bulldogs that you deserve. Our family has truly dedicated their lives to improving and breeding high-quality bulldogs.

We strive to produce healthy puppies and are on a never-ending quest to improve our bloodlines and the Bulldog breed as a whole. Our bulldogs have some of the highest quality champion blood-lines (including the Cherokee Legend) and rare colors (including blue, chocolate, black, lilac, and Merle). We understand that most pet owners have no intention of breeding or showing bulldogs.

However, we still want to provide the top quality that all of our customers deserve. Our dogs are seen by a licensed Vet before we place our puppies in new homes. All of our English Bulldog puppies for sale are raised by and with our family and around our children in our home. Feel free to browse our web-page, and we hope you find the perfect English Bulldog puppy for you and your lovely family.

Closer than you think.

When you decide to purchase a Bulldog puppy from AKC English Bulldog Breeder you become apart of our family. We are always an email, phone call or text away anytime, we respond in a timely manner to everyone and we’re always here for questions big or small. Anyone who has the privileged to be loved by AKC English Bulldog Breeder will have not only a phenomenal quality Bulldog they will have a healthy one we stand behind

Breed information


The Bulldog is protective by nature, but doesn’t carry the same aggression of its ancestors. The breed can make a good watchdog.

They’re addicting and what a great addition they are! With a playful spirit, love of entertaining, and tendency to snort, and let’s not forget, the life of the party.

The playful, good-natured Bulldog is a loyal companion with a gentle disposition. The breed has overcome its objectionable history and the easygoing Bulldog is now considered a devoted, family-friendly pick. Though they are generally an easy breed to care for, there are some special considerations for a dog with such unique features as the Bulldog. The short, bow-legged Bulldog cannot tolerate hot weather or excessive activity and may overheat with either. It is a relief, then, that the Bulldog does not require a lot of exercises—only enough to keep him happy and fit.


Despite their intimidating mug, English bulldogs are easygoing, friendly, and loyal companions. Eager to please, the gregarious nature of these sweet powerhouses comes out as energetic play sessions when they’re puppies.

Be prepared with some heavy-duty chew toys and patience, as these willful pups need early socialization and training to be all they can be as adults.

These mild-mannered dogs are eager to please and mellow as they reach adulthood, though they may still test the rules from time to time.

We love the breed and pride ourselves with continually breeding sound and secure companions.

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